Rela. Talk #1: My Flaws that need FIXING!

[I’m no expert, these are just opinions/ideas] What do all people have in common that often onset conflicts within relationships? Ha! We ALL have flaws – those things about ourselves that are generally frowned upon or considered “poor relationship qualities”…those “issues” we battle with that remain with us (or not?), no matter how much we… Read More Rela. Talk #1: My Flaws that need FIXING!


One of the topics I discussed earlier today was COMFORT, in particular being comfortable with oneself and comfortable in one’s relationships. So what does it mean to be comfortable? ~> “comfortable: affording or enjoying contentment and security; free from stress or tension.” – Websters Dictionary.  Now I personally think being comfortable keeps people in the right frame of… Read More COMFORT RANT!

Be Happy.

Life is waaay too short to be unhappy or hold grudges for any long period of time. Discover your inner bliss & tranquility… Learn to forgive AND forget.. Related articles What is Happiness? ( Why Am I So Unhappy? 10 Habits for Happiness ( If it makes you happy… (