Period Talks: A Journey

If you’ve been following me on social media, you’d know that I’ve been on a journey to find the best menstrual products for myself. Without going into crazy detail, here’s why:

A few months ago, I started noticing what I can only describe as a severe allergic reaction to the tampons I had been using for years: Tampax. After a doctors visit which was the opposite of helpful and months of enduring pain without an explanation, I decided to do some research on what the hell us tampon-wearing women put into our bodies every month.


What I found was DISTURBING to say the least. Firstly, most commercial tampon brands are known for bleaching the cotton they use to make period products. Yes, bleach! Secondly, not only is the cotton bleached, but products have been found to contain other synthetic materials and dyes. Cleverly, these companies do not include “synthetic” anything in their ingredients list, but instead use the term, “fragrance”. Fragrances, unlike other ingredients, do not have to be named specifically. Smart huh? Now you know why your pads and tampons have “fragrances” on the packaging when they’re supposed to be scent-free.

After initially freaking out and posting about my horrific discovery on Facebook and Instagram, I started researching alternative products online and found a few that I wanted to try. I have decided to try a different product each month and do reviews based on my experiences.

For something so common as a period (that half the population has to endure on an average monthly basis) I don’t see why talking about periods is so taboo. I definitely want to change that. Even if I don’t get responses, I at least want to think I’m helping someone out by taking on the trial and error process myself. Keep checking every month for a new product review!


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