Money Making and Saving Tips Pt. 3

This year, I’ve been more conscious than ever before about my money. My motivation is simply that I don’t want to live paycheck to paycheck and I see myself financially FREE at age 25… Which means I have just over 2 years to go!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I’ve been sharing my money-making and saving tips (based on experience) with you. I think being aware of our expenses is ESSENTIAL especially today where everything seems to revolve around that dollar sign.

To start month #4 of 2017, here are some more money-making and saving tips to keep those dollars in your pocket this year:

  1. Grocery cash back apps: I’ve recently tried out Ibotta and Checkout 51, both apps that give you money back for purchasing certain items at your favorite stores. Out of the two, my favorite would have to be Ibotta. With Ibotta, I made $21.00 in the first week by using the app within 5 days, granting me a $10.00 Welcome Bonus and by referring my friends – $5 per friend who uses the app within the first week of downloading it. I also love the “Teamwork” feature which allows users a chance to make money if their friends are making money too. Get to $10 collectively and everyone gets a dollar added to their account. Nice, right? I’ve only made $1.50 on Checkout 51 so far but hey, money is money! Use my Ibotta referal code to get started: idtwlkt
  2. Use CASH for all your miscellaneous expenses instead of your debit or credit cards – With cash you can better track all of your expenses and budget accordingly.  I’ve started leaving my debit card at home when I head to the store and instead take the most cash I’m willing to spend. There will be no such thing as “going a little over budget” if you do this.
  3. Change your phone plan/carrier! – I know previously I suggested that you check out what other plans your carrier is offering to find the cheapest rate for you. How about checking out cheaper phone carriers such as Cricket Wireless, which runs on AT&Ts network and MetroPCS, which runs on T-Mobile’s network. For the same service, you can be paying half or a fraction of the cost. I still currently use T-Mobile but plan to switch up my carrier in a month or two after I research some more on the cheaper carriers.
  4. Get rid of your cable! Do you really need cable TV? Some great alternatives to cable TV are: Netflix, Hulu and SlingTV. I have personally used them all and of course Netflix remains my favorite. However, the closest to a cable replacement would be SlingTV which provides a variety of cable channels (minus local channels) at only ~ $20-$40 a month depending on which package you select.

These are just a few more tips that can help you make and save money, however I have a lot more in store! Lookout for my list of unconventional ways to make and save money.




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