Self-care Monday & February Reflections

Hey loves,

Today I threw a little extra love on myself because I haven’t been following my usual self-care routines as I’ve been crazy busy. I washed my hair and did a twist out using a mixture of rose water, Jamaican black castor oil and oil 3 that I’ll probably leave in for a day or two. I also tried a honey face mask I made for the first time and now my skin is super soft and smooth. I’m currently covered in coconut oil I’m using today as a moisturizer and feelin’ myself, so I thought about giving a quick update on what’s been happening (+ also throw in a photo of Irie and I cuddling because why not?). I haven’t posted anything for a while because I’ve really just been occupied, trying to make adult decisions and prioritizing my time doing things to benefit me in the long run.

February was a great but short month. I know it’s the shortest month of the year but it felt even shorter because the month was full of blissful activities such as:

  • celebrating Valentines Day for the first time with my love
  • trying faux locs for the first time – I loved! But like with all my hairstyles, they lasted only 2 weeks
  • adventuring even more with Roy – we went to an Isaiah Rashad concert and caught the movie ‘Get Out‘ (which I’ll be writing my thoughts on soon!)
    isaiah get out
  • finishing the entire 3 seasons of Black Mirror within 3 days – this show is AWESOME!

And so much more!

The goal for this month is to “make moves every moment”. For me, this includes a new apartment search, finding a cheaper/better data plan, getting my baby Irie neutered **sad face** and saving serious money.

My mind is literally racing thinking about all the things I want to get done this month! On that note, I’m about to check something else off my list.

– XO


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