Money Making and Saving Tips Pt. 2

At the end of 2016, I came up with a list (I’ll include a link below) of some money makinImage result for not spending moneyg & saving tips for you which I have personally tried & made/saved money with. For the New Year, I definitely want to make saving one of my biggest priorities. I finally graduated from college in December, however being a financially independent student taught me how to be extra frugal when times were hard. I have yet another list on unconventional ways you can be making & saving money this year.

  1. Return the regrets: Most stores have a period of time in which they allow you to return items for a full return. If you have buyers remorse about items you purchased recently, return them. I guess another tip would be to hold onto your receipts so returns are hassle free! ***A side tip: Get a receipt jar. Put all receipts for one month in the jar & throw them out when you’re certain you won’t be returning the items you got.
  2. Make something! If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while, you know that Processed with VSCO with c3 presetearly last year I began making and selling waistbeads to my friends and eventually opened up my Etsy shop, WaistbeadsByAllie. All of us have unique talents that we can monetize on, just take some time to think about what you can make that people would be interested in buying. A friend of mine recently opened up her own Etsy shop selling gorgeous embroidered iPhone chargers. Another friend is planning to open an Etsy shop that sells homemade dog treats. Can you cook or bake something that people would love? Have you tried jewelry-making as a hobby and found that you’re really good at it? What about drawing or painting? Is your work good enough to sell? Make something & make money! ***A side tip: Make sure the cost of making whatever it is you make does not over exceed how much you sell it for. That’s the fastest way to go broke!
  3. Become an avid coupon user. You know that huge stack of “useless” ads you get in your mailbox every week? They’re filled with coupons to local stores that you can use! Just last week I used 2 different coupons to get discounted meals on the go. Trust me, the little savings here & there add up. With coupons, saving at least $5 a week, you can save up to $260 a year! Use those coupons, fam! ***A side tip: When buying things online, always look for coupons & discount codes online. It takes a quick google search & voila! Free shipping!
  4. Lower your monthly bills by making adjustments to your plan or usage. My boyfriend recently saved $30 by changing his phone plan when he realized that he was paying for features he didn’t even use. Contact your phone or cable company to see if you can get a cheaper or discounted offers. If you are a student or in the military, see if there are discounts specifically for you. Never be afraid to ask!
  5. Have communal dinners with friends! This is more for college students & I think it’s a great way to save some extra cash & also eat healthy. We all know the concept of having potlucks but why do we only have them for events? Why not trying them with friends? Once a week or once a month, grab a group of friends & everyone can be assigned a food from a “dinner list”. Imagine spending only $5 & 10 minutes to put something together & receiving a full meal in return! Make it a thing with your friends & attach a fun reason for it if you need to such as a group study day or a movie night, etc. Image result for friends potluck

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