Hey loves! As you may have seen from my Twitter and Instagram, I got a kitten! I decided to give him a formal introduction as he will be staying around for a while.

image1Those who know me personally would know that I have an irrational fear of dogs, the big ones especially! However, I grew up with cats and have been wanting one for the longest time. The only other pet I had that I called my own was Timmy the red-slider turtle (RIP!) and while I love turtles, I thought it would be nice to have a pet that I can cuddle with and who can actively keep me company when I’m home alone. I guess it was fate that a close friend of mine took in a pregnant stray who had kittens in her apartment a week before I paid her a visit. When I saw them I told her I’d be back for one & that’s how I ended up with Irie.

In the Caribbean, we use the Jamaican term, “irie” to mean, “nice, good, or pleasing” and it is often accompanied by the word “vibes” (Irie’s middle name, lol). I named him Irie because I thought getting a kitten would help bring some peace to my chaotic life. While I know cats are especially are known for their laid back and relaxed personalities, Mr. Irie is still a kitten and VERY active. He’s two handfuls of trouble sometimes and has a habit of getting in the way… OFTEN! In fact, as I’m typing right now, he’s sitting in front of me as though he needs to approve everything I type. However, I appreciate how much he has not only taught me patience but has taught me to enjoy life in the moment. He’s definitely therapeutic, keeping me company daily and taking long naps with me. His purring is like a meditation exercise because I often find myself just listening to him purr away. What I love most are my morning kisses. He loves to be acknowledged on mornings and does so by climbing on my chest and trying to rub his nose with mine or stares me in the eye and puts his paw on my face. He’s the most loving cat ever and I’m happy to be his mommy! 🙂



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