Money Making and Saving Tips


Hey loves, let’s talk money! 😄

As some of you may know, I work part-time and own a small business, WaistbeadsByAllie, as well as offer paper writing and editing services to undergraduate students. Still sometimes the money I make monthly isn’t enough to comfortably cover fees and expenses and definitely doesn’t account for emergenci s. Hence why I’ve been doing some research on making and saving money and thought I’d share with my friends and family so we can all struggle a little less for the upcoming year!

Diclaimer: You may not make or save a whole ton of money using these tips but if you can try them all, you may look at an extra $300 you didn’t expect to have this month! Don’t be afraid to be frugal!

Here are some things that have helped me make and save money:

  1. Get yourself a money jar and put any coins you find around the house or wherever in there. Search your car. Search your boyfriend or girlfriend’s car! You can get coin rollers from the dollar store to roll your coins and the head to the bank to make your deposit. I do this at least once a year. Last year I collected about $40 in pennies and dimes I found in my apartment. 🤗
    Image result for money jar
  2. I also found a few apps that I use to make change here and there for those of you who are always on your phone:
    – The first is letgo. I post literally anything I want to get rid of on there. You’d be surprised who wants your junk. Small items like shirts or cups can be listed on your profile for say $5. The app then puts the listing up for people in your area to view so you don’t have to worry about shipping if you can convince the buyer to come pick your junk up.
    – The next app I use is BookScouter. You can scan any books you have and the app will show you their online market value. Textbooks especially are worth a lot of money! And you can sell to reputable places like Amazon or Chegg. I scanned all the books (which mainly consist of novels) in my possession and they’re worth up to $60. Here’s an idea: go to thrift stores and use the app to scan books there and see which books are most valuable. You can buy a book for 50 cents and resell for $10 on the app.
    – I also use SwagBucks but not consistently. The app consists of a bunch of surveys you can take and videos you watch to get points that can add up to dollar amounts in the form of gift cards. If you use the app consistently you can make up to $125 extra a month. They have PayPal cards so you can transfer the money to your bank account.
  3. For medical expenses, I’ve used CareCredit to cover a bill I couldn’t pay in full at the time. It’s only for medical expenses but there’s no interest if you pay off the monthly charge. For a $1200 bill the monthly charge is only like $40 which I think is awesome and based on your credit there’s 6, 9 and 12 month financing so you don’t have to worry about paying it all too soon and can budget around it. I also just found out today that you can use it to cover vet bills for your pets as well!
    Image result for care credit
  4. There are a lot of companies that give away free samples of their new products such as Kotex and Colgate. Just check the website or do a quick google search for free samples of whatever it is you need.
    Image result for u by kotex free sample
  5. As a last resort, you can visit your local plasma center. They will pay you up to $60 for a few hours of your time and you may be able to go multiple times a week and make some extra money. As long as you’re comfortable with giving blood! The first time can be a bit overwhelming but it’s really not that bad at all and your blood plasma is so useful and in demand for people suffering from life threatening diseases.
    Image result for plasma center

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