Lessons I Taught Myself This Weekend


Earlier, I told my aunt that I believe my luck is always perfectly balanced. I have good luck and bad luck simultaneously and many of my hopes are held at bay when paired with the anxiety of things simply not working out my way.

And that’s usually how it goes. My luck makes compromises with itself and gives me some of the good and some of the bad so that “my way” is almost impossible to achieve.

So how do I tackle an unwavering, manifesting “check yo’ self” all the time?

  1. I rid myself of super high expectations without losing hope.

  2. I live in the moment. I take each obstacle as it comes, with the mindset that nothing lasts forever — especially the bad times.

  3. I stay positive but humble.

  4. I do what is within my ability to do and let life do it’s thing with what I can’t do.

  5. I show myself some love!


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